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HTR’s goal is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by delivering unique, innovative technology solutions. Building on our success in Ophthalmology with the renowned desktop application, HMIS, we are now launching the VISIENS Eyecare Health mobile app. This cutting-edge app provides quick and easy access to vision tests, retina health monitoring (specifically for diabetic patients), and assistance with common eye conditions. Its dedicated team of energetic professionals combines their expertise and passion to empower individuals to educate and take control of their eye health. Building upon our triumphant foray into the world of Ophthalmology with our renowned desktop application, HMIS, we are now at the forefront of launching our cutting-edge Eye Healthcare mobile app.


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HTR Technologies is a forward-thinking and user-centric healthcare app development firm that prioritizes enhancing individuals' well-being and healthcare encounters. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and staying abreast of healthcare trends, we are specialized in crafting healthcare mobile and web applications. The featured services encompass a range of vision-related functionalities, such as vision testing, Color blind tests, Retina Scans tailored for diabetic patients, and seamless access to Ophthalmologists for consultations

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Hassan Javed Malik

Founder & CEO
Tahir Mehmood

Tahir Mahmood

Director Finance & Corporate Governance
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Rizwan Raheem Khan

Director Quality Assurance

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Sumaira Malik

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Dr. Zamir Iqbal

External Medical Advisor
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To pioneer accessible eye health solutions globally, HTR Technology envisions a future where innovative technology transforms and enhances vision care for everyone.


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The company’s mission is to provide innovative technology solutions that empower individuals to take control of their eye health.